About Angel Sammy

I'm Sammy and indeed was quite spoiled. I was an "only cat" in my house and totally ruled my roost. I developed a lot of health problems in my old age of "almost 17" and left for the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2016. Do I have to tell you how much I miss my Mom and Dad? TONS and they miss me too. I loved blogging so I decided to continue blogging even when I went to the Rainbow Bridge. We have good wi-fi up here!! Follow me on my many adventures - or just hear about how much I like naps....HAHA

For A Best Friend

Through love and hate, Through betrayal and debate, For you I would always have faith, Being your weimbro as well as your Best friend I knew This friendship wouldn't end, By your side I will now always stand And you'll stand by mine too, Because that's what best friends do, Through all of the wrongs And all of the rights, I'm here for you to be a best friend that's true, Cause I love you and that's what Best friends do.

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